Unspun Heroes

We live in a world of shallow celebrity and manufactured heroes. But we all know and recognise real heroes and inspirational people. Let’s hear of the great stories of wonderful people that you know. People who overcame the odds. Those who didn’t, but fought the good fight. Tell your story of inspiring people who encouraged or inspired you and others. It might be a family member, friend or colleague. Of people that made you laugh. And those that made you cry. Share your story about the Unspun Hero/es that you know. Perhaps you have already written their story. Post it here to reach the world. If not, get started and write your story here.

To Sir, with Gloves

By Jul 2, 2017

We love The Australian newspaper for the great human interest stories that it publishes on a regular basis. This story, To Sir, With Gloves was brilliantly written by Trent Dalton and published in The Weekend Australian on Saturday, 1st July 2017. We wanted to share it with you, not just because it is such a well written story, but also because of the quality and humility of the man this story is about. The life of his coach and mentor Glenn Rushton is also a story in itself.

Jeff Horn is a softly spoken high-school teacher who loves teaching. But, he is more than that. He is a teacher who inspires his high-school students by being a brilliant boxer. This story is an update to the original publication in The Weekend Magazine of The Australian on 28-29 January, 2017. We are posting this on the day after Jeff Horn took the WBO welterweight title from from one of the all time great fighters, Philipino legend Manny Pacquiao. 



Australian Army Band marching through Baupame, France, 1917.

By Apr 23, 2017

Michael Smith is a fighter for Australian values and is more than entitled to put forward his views because of the sacrifices his family, (see Michael's other posts on this site) have made on the battle field in the defence of Australia, our allies and western values. Michael will always confront the latest political trend that comes around every so often, seeking to diminish the values that his family and those of hundreds of thousands of others who fought so hard and for which so many lost their lives. Michael has today posted on his site "Michael Smith News" an inspiring story of the Bandsmen of Bapaume. We are grateful that Michael has allowed www.unlockedbooks.com to bring this to you. Michael wishes to acknowledge, as we do, the wonderful work of the Australian War Memorial who have curated the photos that are illustrated in this story. If you haven't already done, so, you can reach Michael Smith News at http://www.michaelsmithnews.com


My father, the giant of my childhood

By Feb 11, 2016

James Jeffrey is a journalist/columnist/editor who writes a regular column in The Australian newspaper each week. His column is simply called Strewth! He has a great sense of humour and irony. The measure of his professional reputation is that politicians seem to line up to be dealt with in James' satirical manner, that if written by others in another style, they would most likely not wish to engage.

On 1st June, 2015 James published a very moving, intimate and brilliantly written tribute to his father on the second anniversary of his passing. Unlocked Books is truly grateful to James for allowing us to publish his tribute as the first story submitted to Unlocked Books in the category of Unspun Heroes. We hope you will enjoy this tribute by James to his dad and if you haven't already, please find Strewth! and enjoy.