Unlocked Letters

As with Unlocked Diaries, many people like to retain letters that are important to them. There are letters of famous people who wrote and received significant and important letters. They are effectively an intimate insight into their relationships and provide a history of what they were doing at particular times in their lives. Equally, the not-so-famous have kept letters that have great meaning and moment to their family and friends. If you possess copies of such letters, please share them. They may be letters of friends and family, love letters, letters from afar, etc. Perhaps you have unlocked letters that tell a tale of mystery and intrigue.

Much Ado About Nothing……

By Sep 1, 2016

These letters are my interpretation of the characters that changed the most in Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing'. I chose the two main characters Beatrice and Benedick who initially hate each other but end up getting married. It was set as an assignment for Year 7 English. Beatrice writes to her cousin & best friend, Hero, about Benedick. Benedick writes to his friend, the prince Don John, about Beatrice. In my letters you will see how the hate between the two change into true love.


Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher

By Feb 11, 2016

U.S President Abraham Lincoln is said to have written this letter to his son's headmaster when he was sending him to school. Some people doubt that it was all the work of Abraham Lincoln. Whether it was his own work, or that of someone else, no-one could argue with the simple, honest, thoughtful, request for encouragement and inspiration, by someone about to entrust a child, to the care of another. Today the sentiment of his letter equally applies to a daughter being sent to the care of another, as it does to a son.