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Stories told in poetic form can sometimes have a deeper meaning for both writer and reader, not always achieved in the long form of traditional story telling. Poetry is creative, artistic and often appreciated for its ability to express in concise terms what the poet wishes to express. It can also enable its audience to form a lasting imprint of what is conveyed. If you have poetry you would like to share, please post it on Unlocked Poems. If you are the author of the poem you can post it revealing yourself as the author, or by the use of a nom de plume, if you wish. If you know of a poem that you really like and wish to share on this site, please acknowledge the original poet if you know, or acknowledge that the poet is unknown to you.

A Gentle Man

By Jul 3, 2014

Tom (Thomas William) Bowe
Born 03/10/1932, son of James and Frances Bowe.

Tom was much loved by his family. He was a very gentle soul who always saw the good in everyone around him. He was the most genuine and decent man I have ever known. Having lived with him under the same roof for eighteen years, I knew him well. He was a great brother and a great friend. He loved his family and friends. And he loved a drink on a warm day (and some other days as well).

Tom lived most of his life in Kyneton, Victoria. He left school as a 14 year old and worked through his teens as a cobbler for one of the local shoemakers. He subsequently joined the State Electricity Commission (SEC) in Victoria, where he worked until he retired.

In keeping with his sense of duty and mateship, he was a member of the Army Reserve and was an active volunteer member of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) for 20 years. He also enjoyed his involvement in the Bendigo Football League (Australian Rules) as a player in his youth and later as a Senior Goal Umpire. After a debilitating illness, he passed away on December, 3rd. 2000, aged 68. He is survived by his wife Trish and daughters Julie and Jenny.

My poem, “A Gentle man”, is a simple tribute in recognition of his many virtues. To me Tom was special. A shy man who would never seek the limelight. A giver, who expected nothing in return. A gentle man and a gentleman.