Unlocked Poems

Stories told in poetic form can sometimes have a deeper meaning for both writer and reader, not always achieved in the long form of traditional story telling. Poetry is creative, artistic and often appreciated for its ability to express in concise terms what the poet wishes to express. It can also enable its audience to form a lasting imprint of what is conveyed. If you have poetry you would like to share, please post it on Unlocked Poems. If you are the author of the poem you can post it revealing yourself as the author, or by the use of a nom de plume, if you wish. If you know of a poem that you really like and wish to share on this site, please acknowledge the original poet if you know, or acknowledge that the poet is unknown to you.

For The Love of Barbed Wire

By Jan 3, 2017

Jason Chester is a knockabout Aussie who loves his country, it's history and traditions. He respects where we have come from and how we have got here. He has a passion for ensuring that our history of the bush in particular, is not forgotten and he does this through poetry and great story telling. One of Jason's many talents is his sculpture of barbed fencing wire into bullock horns, horse heads, etc. Or, custom pieces if requested.
This poem by Jason is the first of what we hope will be many contributions and we will also be adding his website link shortly, so that you can access his work.


I Am Australian

By Jan 2, 2017

"I Am Australian" (or "We are Australian") is a popular Australian song written in 1987 by Bruce Woodley of The Seekers and Dobe Newton of the Bushwhackers. Its lyrics are filled with many historic and cultural references, such as to the "digger", Albert Namatjira and Ned Kelly, among others. Its popularity has allowed it to join the ranks of other patriotic songs considered as alternatives to the Australian national anthem, "Advance Australia Fair". Even without music, when you read the words in poetic form, you will hear the melodic tune and harmony that is so beautiful and familiar. It might move you to go to YouTube and listen to your favourite version. 



By Sep 1, 2016

In year 6 we studied Australian artist Russell Drysdale. He was an abstract artist who focused on Australian landscapes. One of his paintings, 'Bush fire' inspired me to write this poem.