Nan & Pa Kidz Stories

Kids love and listen intently to stories told by Mum and Dad, and especially Nan and Pa. These stories have no connection to their favourite cartoon or their television heroes, but they have an authenticity for kids, like no other stories. Did your parents or grandparents tell you stories? What were your favourites? Did you tell stories to your kids? Did you ever tell a story for the first time, making it up as you went. And when the kids asked you to tell it again on another day/night, you couldn’t remember exactly how it went the first time. But the kids remembered and they made sure that you told it exactly the same as when they heard it for the first time. Share the delight you received and gave by submitting your stories here.

The Leprachaun

By Jul 5, 2014

When I was a young child, my father and some of his Irish friends would sometimes talk to me about the Leprechauns and make up stories about the fairies they had seen when they were living in Ireland. One story I remember was a poem, "The Leprechaun".

They made it sound so exciting and such great fun to the ears and mind of a child, in a way that would always draw me in. I loved it. My father and his friends maintained their broad Irish brogue and I loved the way they would sing “and de fairy was larfin too”.

And they would explain how important that it was for you to never take your eyes off the leprechaun if you caught one, for you would not get his purse of gold. All of this was delivered with the mischievous face and smiling eyes of the Irish. I don’t know whether I remember it, or if I imagined it, but I think that some of their better renditions were accompanied by the distinct smell of Irish Whiskey.

This might account for why the story was always a little different every time it was told, but the gist remained the same.