Community History

This is where people share the history of their communities, regions and municipalities. Stories of the important and significant people and events that helped shape communities and families. If you have documented the history and background of your community or your family, or know someone who has, share it with a wide audience. Even people who have not lived in your community will make a connection when they recognise similarities with their own. Many past members of your community will enjoy being reconnected through your story. You will enjoy the feedback and gratitude of readers who will read and comment on your contribution.

Back to The Future

By Jan 17, 2017

Tony Seba is the author of “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation – How Silicon Valley Will Make Oil, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Coal, Electric Utilities and Conventional Cars Obsolete by 2030”, “Solar Trillions – 7 Market and Investment Opportunities in the Emerging Clean-Energy Economy” and “Winner Takes All – 9 Fundamental Rules of High Tech Strategy“. If you haven't listened to Tony Seba or read his book Clean Disruption, we recommend you do, just search online.


Rabbit Proof Fence

By Jan 5, 2017

Further evidence of Jason Chester's interest in fencing and it's role in Australian history as lifted from his Facebook page. We will be bringing you more information about Jason's life as a fencing contractor and story teller. If you have anything similar that you might wish to contribute to this site, please do. If unsure how, please click on info@unlockedbooks at top of this page and we will reply with assistance.   


For The Love of Barbed Wire

By Jan 3, 2017

Jason Chester is a knockabout Aussie who loves his country, it's history and traditions. He respects where we have come from and how we have got here. He has a passion for ensuring that our history of the bush in particular, is not forgotten and he does this through poetry and great story telling. One of Jason's many talents is his sculpture of barbed fencing wire into bullock horns, horse heads, etc. Or, custom pieces if requested.
This poem by Jason is the first of what we hope will be many contributions and we will also be adding his website link shortly, so that you can access his work.