About Us

At Unlocked Books we believe that many ordinary people have extraordinary stories to tell. They can be about personal struggle, triumph or tragedy. Of battling against the odds. Sometimes winning, sometimes not quite getting there. But all along the way, still trying and persisting. They can be sad or uplifting, sometimes humorous, or just plain interesting. We have a category for all kinds of “story telling”.

Millions migrated from the UK, Ireland and Europe after World Wars 1 and 2. Others have moved from and to all corners of the world over the past century. From the Middle East, Asia, East Asia, Africa, South America and so on. We understand the trials, disruption, heartbreak and set-backs that accompany such migration and resettlement. We also appreciate the great opportunities that this has provided to descendants.

There are wonderful stories that exist in the hearts and memories of millions of ordinary people. They have interesting and sometimes extraordinary tales to tell. If you have a story, or know of one that should be told, share it with the world by posting on this site. Maybe the story is told in a diary, old letters, or a poem. Whatever the form, Unlocked Books provides the platform for you to reach your audience.

Content published on this site is author generated (non-edited). If there is material that you think should be reviewed, please let us know at info@unlockedbooks.com