Welcome to Unlocked Books

Unlocked Books is inspired by the belief that there are thousands, possibly millions of us that have had a life or experience that is as interesting as many of the “best sellers” published by mainstream publishers. It is said that everyone has a book inside of them. Unlock the book inside you and share it with the world. Or, encourage someone you know, to unlock theirs. Your book might be a story of your own experiences, or of wonderful people that you know. Stories of unsung heroes. Of fun things and sad things. You might have a novel for the world to enjoy. If not a book, you might have the history of your family, or the history of the district or location where you live or grew up. Maybe you have interesting letters that you might wish to unlock for people to enjoy and appreciate. Are you a poet? Unlock your poems, we want to hear them. Do you have special stories that you were told as a child. Do you have special stories that your children or grandchildren have loved. Share your story with us.